Catching Up – May

July 10, 2008 at 4:23 pm (This and That)

Book Club


Shortly after moving north of the valley a dear lady invited me to join a small book club in which she participates.  I did so happily and we’ve been reading and discussing 12 Steps to Becoming a More Organized Woman ever since.  While it’s not terribly meaty and occasionally forces me to wonder if the author lives on the same planet I do, it does lead me to ask, “How can this apply to my life?” or “I don’t agree, but what can I learn in spite of this difference of opinion?”  It is a lovely group of ladies and we always have a nice evening, lively discussion, and things to apply to our lives.


Alex Anniversary/Mother’s Day


Since Alex was killed on May 10th, these dates run hand in hand with each other.  Sometimes the season’s difficulties come early, sometimes late.  However it plays out, I can always count on the fact that it will be annoyingly unpredictable and I will be well under Satan’s attack.  Severe neck pain, irregular and pounding heart beat, shortness of breath, dizziness, and crushing pain in the chest are the more manageable physical symptoms, unlike all the mental fun there is to be had.  Inability to keep track of linear time, lack of logical and methodical thinking, inability to follow simple directions (like a recipe), losing track of where I am logistically and the panic that follows being lost and now out of control, the miss-management of simple details – like stopping because I’ve seen a red car instead of a red traffic light.  This comes more than goes, for the majority of the month, and brings with it many serious fears that have to be dealt with (sometimes more successfully than others).  For whatever reason, this year was extremely difficult, and I have a new found appreciation for how precariously close I live to going off the deep end.


Studio Recital


In the middle of May the girls performed in their annual studio recital.  Daisy’s new viola arrived in time for her to adjust (it took her about 10 minutes) and it sounded wonderful at its public debut.  The girls played beautifully, and most of the students seemed happy with their performances.




A forum friend of mine went to Poland with her family to meet their new daughter, about 2 years old, and blind from complications of pre-mature birth.  At the first court date the prosecutor (who had never done an adoption case before, and knows nothing about home education) stated concerns because this special needs child was being placed with this family who already had several children, and who home educated.  She said that she doubted that they would be able to attend to the child’s needs.  The judge allowed the bonding to begin and later asked the prosecutor to sign a paper stating that she would not appeal the decision.  Later the prosecutor refused to sign and started the appeal process.  The family came home defeated, and the baby remained orphaned.


I have witnessed something similar to this here in the states – people who don’t have a clue believing lies and destroying families.  It never ceases to amaze me, and reminds me that none of us are completely safe from ‘the system’.


Hang in there – the June update is not so depressing!


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