Show and Tell!

July 11, 2008 at 7:57 am (Uncategorized)

Do you remember ‘show and tell’ from your school (ew) days?   This is much more fun!
Wanna play?  Just say, “There’s No Place Like Home” and get posting!
A Landslide of Landmark Books . . .
The Landmark Landslide

The Landmark Landslide


In May I received an email from and home-educating e-group to which I’m subscribed.  Various things are shared there, information about events, recommendations, articles, classifieds, etc.


Anyway, this particular installment included a post about a boat load of Landmark/Landmark World books that were being sold.  I responded to it and told the gal I was interested in a price for buying the entire lot.


She responded, gave me the price (pricey, but still a deal for these books), and stated that there was someone ahead of me wanting the whole lot but that if that fell through she’d let me know.


Well . . . it fell through!  (And no, I didn’t pray for that specifically!)


Mr Perfect approved the investment, and my mother selflessly/selfishly (just go with it – she’s an enigma) kicked in a super generous donation for the cause.  The next day more than 100 of these delicious books were home.  AND the lady threw in about 15 books from the Signature series for free!


We are building a family library (you can see 5 of the 8 book cases in the background) in bits and pieces, and this historical collection is a wonderful addition.  The girls have already gobbled up a few, and once the boys are reading I’m sure they will be doing the same.


Books – Bliss!



  1. Rebecca said,

    How wonderful for your family!

  2. Mama Bear said,

    Wow that is a lot of books! I’m glad you had help with them because I can’t imagine the postage on all those.

  3. Ro said,

    So glad you got those books.
    Our daughter is going to homeschool for the first time this coming school year.
    Any helpful hints? What is the organization you were mentioning?

  4. Q said,

    The group that puts the e-list together is a local group, so when people have things to sell, we know that it’s going to be a matter of local driving to pick the items up. I really lucked out, the lady that was selling these lives on the way from Mr Perfect’s work and our home. I made sure she was comfortable with my husband picking the boxes up, and had him keep his work badge (photo id) on him when he went. It all worked out without ugly shipping fees.

    Oh – you are so right though . . . I never would have paid to ship those!

  5. Penless Writer said,

    WOW over 100 books at one time. I’d be in heaven, almost!!!

  6. Kathi-Laveneder, Lace and Thyme said,

    What a wonderful purchase for your family. Children seem to be heading towards more computer and television games which is sad. Your book collection is wonderful!

  7. Kelli said,

    Welcome to show and tell Friday! I love books too. What a wonderful collection you have!

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