One More Time!

August 5, 2008 at 9:53 am (This and That)

Do you have an article of clothing which you use as an indicator as to the state of your figure?  You know, the one that when it gets a little snug you know it’s time to get a grip before things get out of control?


I have such an article.


But when it started getting a tad snug, my solution to the problem was to simply quit wearing it.  Not very effective!


So finally I’ve decided to be a big girl (for fear of becoming a bigger girl) and start working out.  Yesterday I relocated the laptop to the master bedroom and pulled out the half-dozen workout dvds I have and enjoy.  The morning routine was reconsidered and work-out time was found.


As I was loading up one of my favorites, I read the guarantee on the cover.


“Visible Results in Just 10 Workouts!”


Well, I’ve used this dvd 10 times and saw NOTHING.


But I wonder if 10 workouts in 18 months is perhaps not what they had in mind?


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