The Simple Woman’s Daybook

August 11, 2008 at 11:48 am (The Simple Woman's Daybook)

For today

I’m doubling up on house keeping tasks so everything gets done despite two days away from home this week.

Outside my window

A standard Arizona August day.  Clear, hot, slight breeze.

I am thinking

That I am so glad a friend of mine is alive for one more day.

I am thankful for

A husband who absorbs the difficulties of life and makes everything ok again.

From the kitchen


I am wearing

My nightgown still!

Once I’m done cleaning, I’ll throw it in the laundry, shower and put big girl clothes on.

I am reading

Protocol Matters!  A birthday gift that I inadvertently (honest) opened upon its delivery.

I am hoping

To make a nice day for Mr Perfect’s birthday tomorrow!

I am hearing

Mossflower, a book on CD playing for the boys.

Around the house

A sparkling clean master bedroom, with clean carpet thanks to my new Dyson.

Next up is the master bath.

One of my favorite things

Friends pulling together for a common cause.

A few plans for the rest of the week


Bringing Daisy home tomorrow, a visit with my grandmother, and Mr. Perfect’s birthday tomorrow.  Errands and lessons Wednesday, then home sweet home for the rest of the week.


Here is a picture thought I am sharing with you


A family photo we had to shoot to accompany an upcoming magazine article.

Lando, Daisy, Q, Mr Perfect, Rose, HanSolo



  1. Susan said,

    My Eldest dd had her Bridal shower Subday-Her Sister’s bought her a dyson What a Hit this vacume was.We did the living room to try it out-AMAZING-and a little gross at the same time-Susan

  2. JoAnne said,

    So the Dyson really works, eh? Must look into finding one secondhand. The puppy fur aboundeth!

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