Olympic Confessions

August 15, 2008 at 10:32 am (This and That)

It’s a good thing the Olympics is only every two years and lasts a short duration, because I don’t think I can take this going to bed at midnight every night much longer!


What exactly is TEVO, a machine?  A monthly service?


I’m going to have to find out, because it’s 10:30am and I’m ready for a nap.


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  1. JMCaughey said,

    Ah, yes… TiVo is our friend around here when I want to watch late night TV. And it seems that includes preatty much anything on after 10:00!! So much for the “young” couple right? HA HA!! Tivo is both machine and service. You can pretty much do the same thing with… oh… I forget what it’s called. I think Helen has one — but we have a Tivo and so that’s all I am really familar with. 🙂

    And now you know I have been reading your blog… but only this new one, I didn’t know about your one before this one. 🙂

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