Blog Management Tip

August 26, 2008 at 5:40 pm (Blogging)

Do you read blogs?


Well, by default, since you are here, reading this, you read blogs.


They’re beautiful, aren’t they?  Various designs, various colors, photos and graphics, little personalized touches of this code and that.  It’s like going into that person’s home and seeing their living room – it shows you a bit of their personality – a peek at what they’re like.


The problem is, if you have several that you like to visit on a regular basis that means clicking on each link in your bookmarks and waiting for that page to load.  If that person has not updated, then there you are, having spent that time to find out there is nothing new to read.  You’ve driven across town to their home, but they are out for the day.


Enter Bloglines.  Think headlines here.  Go to Bloglines, set up an account, and ‘subscribe’ to your favorite blogs.  Then, the next time you want to read them, go to your Bloglines.  Down the left side of your screen will be a list of the blogs to which you subscribe.  Those that have been updated since you last read will be in bold type.  Click on them one at a time and their content will come up on the screen to the right.  Super easy.  No, you don’t see the beautiful graphics, but if you want that you can click on the title of the blog at the top of the page and be taken to the actual blog with all the pretty foo foo and everything.  You drive across town when you KNOW they’re home!  When you’re done back up to Bloglines and go to the next bold typed blog.


It’s also a nice way to manage the blogs you enjoy.  I know one person who thought their list was out of control at 10, and another who thought that at 50 there were finally too many to read.  Set a limit for yourself, and then every once in a while go through and revisit each one.  Have you changed?  Has the blogger?  For better or worse?  Are there other blogs you enjoy that are better worth your time?  Are you learning from this person or is it more like a talk show where you relate but nothing gets accomplished?  Delete a few; make room for a few more.  Work within your limits so you don’t end up spending way too much time that should be spent elsewhere.


Oh yeah – and it’s free!


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