100 Random Things About Me

July 16, 2008 at 6:02 pm (Fun)


  1. I’m saved, and
  2. a very conservative member of a CREC church.
  3. I love my church,
  4. and can’t imagine ever being in a segregated church again.
  5. I’m constantly praying for the Lord to show me my blind spots because,
  6. I’m a little dense.
  7. I’m 5.6” and have very long wavy dark brown (most of it) hair.
  8. My husband is perfect.
  9. I have wanted to adopt children for as along as I can remember.
  10. I always wanted a few girls, too.
  11. I have four children on earth, two domestic models, Daisy (‘96) and Rose (’98), and twin imports from Poland, Han Solo and Anakin (’99).
  12. My first daughter was killed in a freak accident in my home.
  13. Yes, it was really awful and continues to be so.
  14. My children are all the most gorgeous blessings on the planet.
  15. I was a Navy brat the first 2 years of my life.
  16. My parents are the best.
  17. My brother and I are extreme opposites.
  18. I adore my brother.
  19. I lived in Pennsylvania for 10 years.
  20. During the 6th grade I had a paper route.
  21. In jr high and high school I learned to play 5 instruments skillfully.
  22. The oboe was my favorite.
  23. I lived in 8 different places during the 3 years I lived in California.
  24. I wouldn’t recommend doing that.
  25. When I was in the work force I could type 114wpm and hold a conversation simultaneously, baffling many an engineer.
  26. I’m glad I’m no longer in the work force.
  27. One of my biggest fears is being lost, mentally or physically.
  28. I’m good with a soldering iron.
  29. I’m also good with spackle and a putty knife.
  30. I hate conflict.
  31. Being a master subject changer, I am very good at avoiding and evading conflict.
  32. I am the black sheep of my family.
  33. Someone once said that I’d be a real force to reckon with when I grew up.
  34. Someone else said that I would always be the best friend that anyone would ever have and yet never know.
  35. Selfishness is a daily battle for me.
  36. I love to research.
  37. I love to read.
  38. I’m building a family library because . . .
  39. I’m a book addict . . .
  40. and I want to leave it for my grandchildren.
  41. I did not enjoy any part of my academic career, so . . .
  42. I really love home educating.
  43. I have very passionate and unwavering thoughts on education . . .
  44. and raising one’s own children.
  45. My friend is trying to get me to appreciate fancy wine.
  46. Two-Buck Chuck is my friend; fancy wines are lost on me.
  47. I was an adult before I learned to listen to my mother,
  48. because I’m a little stubborn.
  49. Sometimes it bothers me that I don’t ‘fit’, but most of the time it works for me.
  50. Once every few months I’ll smoke a clove cigarette.
  51. I’m half way through and can’t believe how hard this is!
  52. I have eaten rattlesnake as an after school snack.
  53. It wasn’t my idea.
  54. My mother made me do it,
  55. because my father made her do it.
  56. I spent 2 weeks in Wroclaw with 4 of us in a 500 sq foot apartment.
  57. Then I spent 3 weeks in Wroclaw with 6 of us in a 500 sq ft apartment,
  58. but I didn’t kill anyone.
  59. Though, I did pray a lot.
  60. I don’t drink enough water.
  61. I can balance a check book, but . . .
  62. if you look over my shoulder or watch me I’ll panic and make a mistake.
  63. I can’t grow plants.
  64. I lived across the street from a house used by the French connection.
  65. I’m not talking about the movie.
  66. I would prefer to converse in ASL than any spoken language.
  67. I know how to swear in Masri Arabic.
  68. No, I won’t share how, nor am I proud of the knowledge.
  69. I love fabric.
  70. On Wednesdays I do 125 – 200 miles worth of driving and errands.
  71. I don’t leave the house the rest of the week.
  72. I almost died after the birth of my last daughter.
  73. I’m glad I didn’t.
  74. I hate to sweat.
  75. I am against feminism.
  76. I started going to school to become a teacher.
  77. I’m really glad I quit.
  78. I love Persian and Indian food.
  79. I have a deep appreciation for proper etiquette.
  80. Bad protocol is a pet peeve.
  81. I’m surrounded by bad protocol.
  82. Empty gas tanks are also a pet peeve.
  83. I broke my foot while trying to evade a man trying to get me into his limo.
  84. My favorite movies are from Jane Austen books.
  85. With a Sig in hand I can hold my own on a firing range.
  86. I love to sew – home dec, clothing, quilts, accessories, everything.
  87. I love paisley – anything.
  88. I am a closet fan of ‘80s/90’s alternative music and can quote more than I care to admit.
  89. I’ve done front office and ring work for local, regional, and national Arabian horse shows.
  90. I was also a wedding planner/coordinator and was very good at it.
  91. I’m also really good in a crisis situation.
  92. I know how to worm a horse,
  93. and a steer.
  94. I’ve slept with baby chicks in my bedroom.
  95. I wouldn’t recommend sleeping with baby chicks in your bedroom.
  96. I’ve been known to pick up a stray cat or dog here and there.
  97. I’m the whitest Mexican I’ve ever known.
  98. Yes, I know how to make tamales.
  99. Dark chocolate is a weakness of mine.
  100. I am comfortable being an enigma.

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