April 28, 2008 at 6:23 am (Home)

I always knew I was not a particularly great housekeeper.  Once I had started packing I realized that I wasn’t just not a particularly great housekeeper, but rather, I really stunk at it.  I had tried ‘systems’ of keeping order, lists, home management binders and the like, but found that they were usually more work to keep up than the house itself.  (I even wrote a post about being a home management binder flunkie.)  For the most part I just did what needed to be done and all seemed right with the world.


Then we packed, and there was more dust stirred up in my house than in Oklahoma during tornado season.


Then the men showed up to load the truck and I couldn’t move fast enough to pull the dust off the furniture before it was loaded, and moved into the new house.


Then I had to go back to the old house and clean it.


Then I had to come to the new house and clean the dirt from the old house to keep it from spreading in the new house.


Father in Heaven, I was so sluggish in my old house (which was lovely) and yet you provide this new house (which is lovelier).  Your grace amazes me.


Isn’t that a song?  😉


In the middle of all this, I ordered an old book called Sidetracked Home Executives.  Apparently, two sisters were a mess, and could never pull it together.  I wasn’t ‘a mess’, and I could pull it together, but only if you weren’t looking very carefully.  After laughing through the book I realized there method just might work!  A few weeks ago I sat down, made out dozens of index cards, and now we’re in business.  While I didn’t follow their suggestions exactly (my edition was was written before Microsoft Outlook and cel phones – the link above will take you to the latest edition) I did lay out the work that needed to be done for the new house, every job, room by room.  So far so good.  The house looks great, and if someone stops by and has to use the guest bathroom, I don’t have to cringe and pray that it’s in ok condition.  I’m telling you, I’m about ready to put on pumps, pearls, and a shirtwaist dress.


Mental note:  When I think I have a grip on something, I need to take a seriously good look at every nook and cranny.


Recommendation:  Every six months pack up a different room in the house as if you were moving.  Sort, throw, donate, pack.  Move everything out, clean the shell of a room, and only put back those things that are functional, meaningful, or lovely.  It is amazing how much we can squirrel away, and how much stuff we really don’t need or even want.  Packing it up forces me to think, “Do I really want to go to the trouble of packing, moving, and then unpacking and finding a place for this?”  Really now, the Goodwill box is so much easier!


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The Recent Move

April 25, 2008 at 1:02 pm (Home)


Mr. Perfect called one day and (out of the blue) said, “You have two days to decide if you want to move or not.”


Um . . . OK!


He had seen a financial advisor and was advised to try to move.  Three days later we were looking at property with my mother (who happened to be in town) and our realtor.  I knew which house I was interested in just from the photos.  Then when we actually saw the house, I was sold.



We made a ridiculous offer and figured it would never be accepted.  It was weeks before we heard back, but then again, that’s what happens when the offer gets lost somewhere in INDIA!  (No, I’m not kidding.)


Betty (our realtor) called and said, “Are you sitting down?  They accepted the offer.”

Me:  That’s Wonderful!

Betty:  We close in two weeks.

Me:  We close in two months?

Betty:  No, two WEEKS.


2000 square feet packed in two weeks.  Talk about lessons learned!


1.  I thought I was not a pack rat (hording things that I don’t use because I might use it someday).


2.  I thought I had a good grip on getting stuff (things that may be nice but are unnecessary) out of my house.


3.  I also thought that I was simply not a particularly good house keeper.




I couldn’t even tell you how many boxes of ‘pack rat’ and ‘stuff’ went to Goodwill in those two weeks.  And that doesn’t count the many that have gone since arriving in the new house.  As for not being a particularly good house keeper – more on that later.


Then it was moving day.  I can not tell you the gift of loving friends.  We’ve moved alone before after all our help backed out at the last minute.  To say it’s not easy is a gross understatement.


Anyway, we’re here, we’re unpacked, we’re settled.


I wonder what adventure is next up?






The bonus lesson learned on move-in day:  Don’t tell a group of servant-hearted men that you would love to use the mammoth solid oak wall unit upstairs for the children’s toys.  Our stairs are in a U-shape, a few stairs, a right angle, a few stairs, a right angle, and a few stairs.  The walls of this house had also been gorgeously painted and immaculately kept.  While I liked the idea, I thought getting the unit upstairs was a precarious endeavor at best.  (Did I mention it was mammoth?)  After a few comments followed by a measuring tape, I went to hide in the closet.  The men were concerned about the walls getting dinged up.  I was worried about men throwing their back out or large pieces of furniture crushing bodies and men falling over the stair wall or down the stairs.  Hiding in the closet worked.  (Who says denial doesn’t have its place?)


The mammoth wall unit is in the loft upstairs, none of the men were injured, and the walls remain pristinely intact.

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