Show and Tell!

July 11, 2008 at 7:57 am (Uncategorized)

Do you remember ‘show and tell’ from your school (ew) days?   This is much more fun!
Wanna play?  Just say, “There’s No Place Like Home” and get posting!
A Landslide of Landmark Books . . .
The Landmark Landslide

The Landmark Landslide


In May I received an email from and home-educating e-group to which I’m subscribed.  Various things are shared there, information about events, recommendations, articles, classifieds, etc.


Anyway, this particular installment included a post about a boat load of Landmark/Landmark World books that were being sold.  I responded to it and told the gal I was interested in a price for buying the entire lot.


She responded, gave me the price (pricey, but still a deal for these books), and stated that there was someone ahead of me wanting the whole lot but that if that fell through she’d let me know.


Well . . . it fell through!  (And no, I didn’t pray for that specifically!)


Mr Perfect approved the investment, and my mother selflessly/selfishly (just go with it – she’s an enigma) kicked in a super generous donation for the cause.  The next day more than 100 of these delicious books were home.  AND the lady threw in about 15 books from the Signature series for free!


We are building a family library (you can see 5 of the 8 book cases in the background) in bits and pieces, and this historical collection is a wonderful addition.  The girls have already gobbled up a few, and once the boys are reading I’m sure they will be doing the same.


Books – Bliss!


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Catching Up – July

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Doctoring Part III


Dr R Wonderful is now breaking adjusting my neck twice a week, and occasionally forces me to suffer through some therapeutic massage before treatments.  (Yeah – that’s awful!)  He has given me exercises to do for my neck and back, and has told me to AVOID STRESS.  I tried really hard to not laugh at him to his face, really, I did.  But I was thinking, “I have two sons with baggage that I get to clean out, two hormonal girls, the UPS man stalking my family, tenants who aren’t exactly pillars of responsibility, a washing machine, dishwasher, and water softener – none of which were working (at the time) and we ‘re trying to start a business.  My choices are ‘stress’ or ‘dead’.”


As for the ENT, at least I got a sinus CT out of him.  Once it’s done and the report is in I’m taking in to a different ENT.  Preferably one who will actually look me in the eye and who doesn’t balk when I (gasp) ask questions or agree to investigate less invasive yet more effective measure than he suggests.  Wish me luck.


AZ State Re-Adoption


While the adoption was legally final in Poland, there are benefits that come along with re-adopting here in our state, so that’s what we decided to do.  On July 2nd we had our court date at the juvenile court house in Phoenix.  It was uneventful, everyone involved butchered names of people and places far and wide, and it was all together depressing and anti-climactic.


The time did end nicely, though.  While waiting for some paperwork the boys were called over to a deputy that was watching them.  Off they went and before we knew it we were in a great question and answer session with this man.  He was very patient with the boys, with their observations, both silly and serious, and showed them everything he could share.  (The only disappointment of the boys was that he wouldn’t show them how his tazer worked!)  By the time we were done the boys were Junior Sherriff’s Deputies and walking on cloud nine.  Yes, there are still some very nice people in the world.


The Ranks of the Singularly Vehicled


Mr Perfect found a rather costly snafu in our budget and spent days trying to figure it out.  In the end we decided to cut our losses, put some parameters in place so it wouldn’t happen again, and then figure out how to recuperate the money.  The easiest thing to do that would not require further debt was to sell the car.  Within the same MINUTE that it went up on Craigslist, his cel phone rang.  While it didn’t sell to the first caller, it was sold within a week.  A nice couple is happy with their purchase from our family, and we are back on an even keel.


Things to Which I’m Looking Forward


A sewing date with a friend and her daughters!


Arizona Families for Home Education Convention


Launching the business!


Wow – caught up at last – Whew!  🙂

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Catching Up – June

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10th Anniversary


May 30th was the big day.  To celebrate, Mr Perfect and I went to Seattle for 4 days.  Since our family needs are a little – special – at the moment (big dog, little dog, 2 girls that know enough about managing the house to be dangerous, and 2 boys that barely speak English and have joined our family with their own baggage) the only person I could think of to help was my mother.  I threw the thought out there and wouldn’t you know she agreed!  She drove down from Colorado with time to spend getting to know the new house and the latest and greatest with the boys.  Mr Perfect and I took off and had a lovely time.  I did develop a sinus infection, but Dr Wonderful phoned a prescription up to Seattle for me and I was on the mend with in 18 hours.

I took this photo with Mr Perfect’s big boy camera all by myself.
It was freezing, 50 something degrees, and we loved it!


Coming from the desert where everything is brown or brown, the colors we saw were intoxicating.

Flowers and Bees

Flowers and Bees

We watched fish mongers fling fish here . . .
Pike's Fish Market

Pike's Fish Market

Some dear friends treated us to coffee at the original Starbucks with a gift card!  (I have tried and tried, but I don’t know why this is formatting so weird – sorry!)
The Original Starbucks

The Original Starbucks

During a cruise the guide pointed out several things, including this home that was used in Sleepless in Seattle.  Cute!
Sleepless in Seattle

Sleepless in Seattle


Home Study Update

 Since the boys have been home for 6+ months and we were getting ready to re-adopt them here in the state, it was time for a post-placement home study.  The case worker showed up the day after we returned from Seattle, asked a few questions, and sat amazed at our well behaved, adjusting little boys.  30 minutes later he was out the door.  Yeah, love those short visits!


Doctoring Part I


As it turned out, the stuff that Dr A. Wonderful phoned to Seattle for me didn’t pack enough punch, so he put me on something stronger.  Within a few days I was having all sorts of intestinal fun, was very dizzy, and basically felt like – well – you know!  He said I could stop taking the antibiotic and to give it a few days for the side effects to get out of my system.  Whew!


Daisies and Dogs


Every few years Daisy’s dad’s family takes a house boat up to Lake Powell, and this was the year.  While she was off having a lovely time, we got to take care of their dog, a beautiful German shepherd, who fit right into our family.  On the last day of her visit, some friends of ours took a trip to San Francisco, leaving us with their big black lab and a lab mix.  They are also well behaved and fun to have around, but I must admit that now that they are all back home, it’s delightfully less . . . hairy around here.


Doctoring Part II


After waking up in the middle of the night crying for Mr Perfect to dig up some pain-killers, I went in to see Dr A Wonderful to ask him to figure out what was wrong with my neck.  I was also still dizzy/heady and told him I still was not convinced that the sinus infection was completely gone.  He turned me over to his chiropractor brother, Dr R Wonderful, and told me to find an ENT to attack the elusive sinus issues.


Up Next – July!

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